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Ethereum: the prospects of cryptocurrency

At the moment Ethereum (ETH) is trading at highs for the last 5 months. The market is dominated by optimistic sentiments. It seems that the cryptocurrency has overcome the crisis that began with the burst of the ICO bubble last year.

The price of Ether for the first time since November last year reached $ 180, this was preceded by a two-digit rally on the chart. Capitalization of cryptocurrencies on Bitfinex made 187,98 dollars. The publication “Exchange leader” with reference to the website of the brokerage company Forbes reports that the technical image of ETH in recent weeks has improved, it is possible another long rally.

The cost of Ethereum has more than doubled. To a large extent, this was facilitated by the modernization of the network with block number 7 280 000.

The most important change lies in the network economy. The token after the upgrade decreased to 2 ETH from 3 ETH, and this had a positive impact on the rate. Serenity or Ethereum 2.0 also implements the Dali validation algorithm of POS negotiation, which will provide 1000 times greater scalability in separation. These qualities can make Ethereum the best platform for smart contracts.

Ethereum is an attractive investment in terms of fundamentals and the previous peak on the chart. Cryptocurrency has the largest community of developers engaged in infrastructure. The rise in price of ETH will provide a bullish ICO token at least for developing projects.

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